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Nurturing Yourself Better this Fall

By: Heather Thomasson, LPC-MHSP-S, PMH-C

So many people, like myself, enjoy the Fall season so much! And there are absolutely so many reasons to enjoy this time of the year. It brings so many changes- rich fall colors in our wardrobes, pumpkin spice and apple EVERYTHING, color changes in nature, cooler temperatures, and so much more! We also want to acknowledge that the shift in seasons may also prompt a shift in how you care for, or nurture, yourself as well.

Here are FIVE simple steps to better nurture yourself this Fall season:

Spend Time Outside:

The hot summer weather can be a deterrent to spend time outside, especially with our blazing Memphis Heat! IYKYK. So let's be intentional to enjoy the cooler weather - take a walk outside, enjoy a meal outdoors, grab something to read on a porch or patio, etc. By spending time outside you will feel more connected and grounded with nature, which is always a plus!

Be Mindful of your Vitamin D Intake:

Many research articles show a correlation with low Vitamin D and Depression symptoms, which are also more likely to take place in the fall and winter months due to less sunlight. Discuss the option of taking a Vitamin D supplement with your healthcare provider to see if it could be beneficial for you. You can also increase your Vitamin D by sitting in morning sunlight for a few minutes each day. There are also "Happy Lamps" that you can use while at work or inside as well that can have the same positive impact. However you choose, being mindful of your Vitamin D intake is crucial to help prevent and minimize mental health symptoms.

Find Ways to Slow. It. Down:

Fall is nature's way of telling us to slow it down in comparison to the upbeat demands of Summer. Fall almost serves as a breath of fresh air after the long and hot summer days. So let's find a way to slow things down this season each day by taking time to reflect and journal. A simple 5-10 minutes of your day can be used to slow things down, partake in some mindfulness and emotional connection activities such as meditation or journaling.

Enjoy the Season:

I truly believe this is important for each and every season- be sure to find ways to treat yourself and enjoy the Fall season in ways you like! This could be going to a fall festival, carving pumpkins, ordering a seasonal beverage (SPL for life!), buying a new scarf or cardigan in your favorite Fall color, watching your favorite fall movie, or so much more. It's important to find the joy within the season change however you can and choose.

Nurture Your Body:

Our bodies show up for us every single day and it is time that we nurture them in return. With the season change, it is crucial to be sure you are eating nutrient dense foods regularly (including meals and snacks throughout the entire day), drinking more water, getting rest, and the other things that are vital to our health. It may even be time to get your check up with your PCP to check vitamin levels and discuss any other medical concerns you may have.

There you have it- our 5 simple ways to better nurture yourself this Fall.

Change (in general) and changing of seasons can be controversial. I absolutely love the Fall and others may find this change to be difficult. Both are absolutely OKAY. Of course, this list of things that can nurture yourself could go on and on. We encourage you to take time to reflect on your personal journey and what it is that YOU need to better nurture yourself this season. The answers could be listed above but they could also come from within.

If this blog sparked something within, we encourage you to discuss your plan with safe people- perhaps your therapist, a friend, or safe loved one. Accountability can be helpful when making changes.

As always, we are here to help you on your wellness journey AND we wish you nothing but the absolute best!

Kindest Regards,


*This blog is written for enjoyment, entertainment, and reflection purposes only. It does not serve as direct medical advice and any person reading this article should consult with their medical team before making any dietary or medical changes.

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